Cat and Custard Pudding

150g sugar
15g water
6 eggs
750g milk


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  • @TomoyoTatar 5か月 ago

    That looks delicious

  • @KohalaLover 5か月 ago

    This is the cutest video I’ve seen. The patience the cat has. Watchful, curious, simply pure.

  • @patriciagriffin1505 5か月 ago

    I also watched your dominoes video good as well

  • @user-eb2po1mm9b 5か月 ago


  • @macsdf1 5か月 ago

    all that time and work and he didn't even eat it.

  • @janetcarbone4213 5か月 ago


  • @nancydaugherty159 5か月 ago

    Love the kitty putting chin on the counter. Love!

  • @donnymajingo2928 5か月 ago

    So how did the cat end up becoming the custard pudding? I'm confused

  • @karencampbell3943 5か月 ago

    I can tell why your floofs are so well trained. You move slow and matculus. Your patience is mirrored in your there friends.

  • @kellyTaylor-uv3co 5か月 ago

    I like that cat. I like the custard.

  • @Jovocale 5か月 ago

    …jus’ purrrrrrfect!! (*+*)

  • @reggiep75 5か月 ago

    Cat be like 'And what am I supposed to do with this? It smells funny!'

  • @franmatthews2001 5か月 ago

    Such a good bunch of kitties!

  • @user-ws7uq5gb3j 5か月 ago

    Пятнистый помощник! 🙂 Умный котейка.

  • @emberpoptartkittenz6040 5か月 ago

    i love the video! and how the cat is there watchin! ive no idea how u 2 do it! fun!

  • @palomasayao 5か月 ago


  • @Mokkatomic 5か月 ago

    Cats can't taste sweet stuff like sugar

  • @FumiTheKitten 5か月 ago

    This is so cute. I’m going to tell my humans to make me that yummy!

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