The cutest kitten that wants to play and interferes with the owner's work

2019.09.17 / ♀ / Scottish fold / blue tabby

2020.10.03 / ♂ / British shorthair / blue

2020.10.03 / ♂ / Scottish fold / brown

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  • @dennisnorsherd2339 2か月 ago

    He or she, I think can feel the warmth from your notebook mister. Very sweet bby you got there though. lol.

  • @user-ku9hr6nd5q 2か月 ago

    I wouldn't say play but your laptop is warm and cats like that

  • @ber1303 2か月 ago


  • @hmmmmm892 2か月 ago

    Is that Scottish fold kitten?

  • @ledup4349 2か月 ago

    very cute

  • @Bob-qw5db 2か月 ago

    Meow 😉

  • @NY.X1 2か月 ago

    Not even a minute in im already dying of cuteness

  • @luffy_exe230 2か月 ago

    very cute tho

  • @Alex_Guy 2か月 ago

    I could guess that this was a Scottish fold. Why are they always so cute?

  • @user-zc7nu1cr8u 2か月 ago


  • @minoomino 2か月 ago


  • @nekozukinomirai 2か月 ago


  • @markreid1656 2か月 ago

    cute kitten

  • @tulaybasal8559 2か月 ago

    Bu kediler neden bilgisara oturuyorlar benim essek te bilgisayara oturuyor essek sıpasi ya yerim ben onu şu tatliliğa bak

  • @sheep84 2か月 ago

    "why did you not do your work?"
    "my cat"
    "good reason"

  • @user-gx8qm4mn2x 2か月 ago

    What breed?

  • @purrsarts1111 2か月 ago

    Oh my god I saw this video years ago but I lost it since the caption's in Japanese, it's been in my head for a long time and now I've finally came across it… Truly a bliss ❤

  • @k_krabco9562 2か月 ago

    His ear is like a puppy!

  • @hapkido150 2か月 ago

    Cute but a bad habit to create lol

  • @user-zr1kz6uf3y 2か月 ago

    Котенок просит ласки…❤

  • @bffoyewom 2か月 ago


  • @motherlandmars5999 2か月 ago

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  • @motherlandmars5999 2か月 ago

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