Videos for Cats to Watch : Birds Being Awesome – Watch at Home with Your Cat on TV : Catflix

Videos for Cats to Watch : Birds Being Awesome – Cat on TV : Catflix

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

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  • @Rina-wz6fn 4週間 ago

    Wow! how a beautiful picture and beautiful birds.

  • @josephfredriksson7572 4週間 ago

    I put this video on for my cat. To no one's surprise, I was way more invested than she was! She was happy for the pets though. 🙂

  • @muratbicakci9880 4週間 ago


  • @hejda-ue3mm 4週間 ago

    My cat watched this in 4 hours

  • @Heartsteel77 4週間 ago

    I can't thank you enough for the effort you put into making these videos. These are a must-have for me; they calm my younger cat down, catch her attention and relax her, when she's in heat, otherwise she wanders the apartment and howls. (She's getting spayed next month – can finally afford it lmao)

  • @ninaa5681 4週間 ago

    My cat loves it and it's really

  • @orthodoxuss 4週間 ago

    My cat tried to catch these birds by paw:p

  • @Darkminer357 4週間 ago

    I love how that bird at 1:16:32 shares the food with the other one

  • @nicolaslandshut8109 4週間 ago

    What kind of camera you use?

  • @Knowledge-College 4週間 ago

    Beautiful videos I watched them myself ! Is this the Uk?

  • @red_scorpion_ 4週間 ago

    14:50 I wonder why blue tits always get attacked by robins when they search food…

  • @plutoniansza 4週間 ago

    My cat loves this stuff. And honestly… me too. It's mesmerizing.

  • @jadedone6900 4週間 ago

    Thank you for taking the time to make these videos. Not only does my indoor cat get to experience the outside safely… but this country girl who now lives in the city gets to enjoy the peace and bird song of her childhood forests.

  • @ximenagarzon764 4週間 ago

    My cat loves this video. Thanks

  • @ghiblirelaxingmusic4363 4週間 ago

    Hey man, thank you for putting this together! It's been great having this in the background for a peaceful atmosphere, and my two cats love watching it~

  • @jessecarter1862 4週間 ago

    I have a 14 year old cat named Oreo, who can't get up to the windows anymore to watch the birds. Every morning we have been turning on this video so she can see them. Thank you for uploading this. Oreo says meow very much.

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